Before and After

Organizing your space

Here is a look at how I have transformed some spaces. I always think about three areas when I'm envisioning my plan for my clients: How it will feel, How it will be functional and How it will be easier to clean once completed. Take a look!

Kids Room

Bedrooms are tough to keep organized, especially when toys are stored in there. The best thing to do for children is to put systems in place so that they know exactly where their items live. Each and every item has a specific spot so that they eliminate the overwhelming stress of too many toys/items. With this girls room, we removed all of her items except for her bed and dresser. Her dresser we found a different home to make it more clear in her room. The dresser is now closer to the door along with her laundry basket. It is important to have items in the same area that go hand in hand. With kids rooms make sure to keep systems simple and to the point. Unnecessary or single items should be removed. Make sure there are clear sections for them so that it is easier for them to put items back and for you to clean more easily.

Coffee Station

Before the space was a catch all for things coming into the house. I organized the space to be more functional by creating a home for each of the items to avoid clutter. I also release all unnecessary items from the space to help the area feel more open and allow for more space while entertaining. 

Art and Storage Cupboard 

This space was a mix of entertaining supplies, pet supplies and other miscellaneous items. I relocated the entertaining items to a more appropriate area and made the pet supplies more accessible. We also added a special space for their daughter that includes coloring and art supplies, to keep these items from building up on the kitchen table. This allows for the space to be more functional for a busy family with a toddler. 

Main Area-Kitchen 

To allow the space to be more open and functional, I try to find a home for all the items in the space that are cluttering the counter tops. Each cupboard is re-organized and we release any kitchen items that are no longer needed. I also try to make the space more functional by moving items to the space where they will be most easily accessible, to allow cooking in your kitchen to be a more enjoyable experience. 

Arts & Crafts Kid Room

A place to create, explore, and dream! This room has always been a place where their children could come and play school, draw, study, etc. The only problem was that items had no home, so they got tossed anywhere. This is where I came in. The area is very spacious and inviting. All that needed to happen was to sort items, label areas, and rearrange the furniture. Tada!

Glass and Mug Cupboard

This cupboard was overflowing with mugs and cups. The home owner didn't want to let go of any of them because they all had a special meaning to her. I decided that doing a 2-tier system would allow for more room for the mugs while keeping the area neat and organized. I also moved the wine glasses down to make them more accessible and used the top shelf for extra dish storage. 

Office/Sewing Room

This room, along with the living room, was the dump and run area. The items that didn't have a home would just be dumped and left until a later date. Paper, templates, scrapbooking, etc, take up so much space when not filed away. This room was by far one of my favourites to do because there were so many items that needed a more logical home. I was able to find them homes with the help of my client, and now all of her items meant to be in this room are in this room. Keeping counters simplified and organized is as important in an office as they are in the kitchen. She now has the space to sew, print, plan, and relax, in this space!

Tea Drawer

This household had a major tea lover with a large collection of different types of teas. We removed the tea from the boxes to allow for more room in the drawer and lined them up neatly in a tray. This allows for easy access and can be pulled in and out for guests. I placed the remaining loose leaf tea along the bottom of the drawer so they can easily be viewed upon opening and makes it easier to see the varieties. 

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